July 01, 2024
by Niklas Brannstrom
My View on Fly Fishing Equipment

Let me start by clarifying, what we in general mean with the Equipment used to practice fly fishing is the basic things like a fly rod, fly reel, and lines to be able to get the fly to the fish. A collection of flies, and some clothes, waders and shoes to make it more comfortable, to practice fly fishing. Add to this what kind of fly fishing you intend to practice, that is what fish you are fishing, how much experience and what needs you have for the extra accessories, will make some difference in how much is contained within the term equipment. But there is a lot of gear to choose from, more or less usable or in what to say real need of. It is easy to make the wrong choice or buy something good for some but not necessarily good for others.

There is also not always like you cast better just because you buy the most expensive fly rod out there. It is not the rod or the reel that makes the cast, it is you that is holding the rod and practice fly casting that are. I also must point out the fact that it is of vital importance that the different parts in this system is in sync or is balanced together. What i mean is that the line systems different parts or weights is in balanced with the rods working action. There is always a point where the weight is to low or the point is to high. You can always compensate this to some degree, with changes in your casting arc and inset of power. But in the end there is a sweet spot for the best gear balance.

I have separated the different parts of the Fly Fishing Equipment into this:




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