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Fly Tying Equipment

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When it comes to what equipment is needed for fly tying, it is mostly a question about what kind of fly patterns or what kind of sort of flies you are about to tie. My view about recommendations for what equipment is needed makes it necessary to divide it into a basic list and a more advanced list for them, to tie more sophisticated or advanced fly patterns. As always pieces of equipment are tools to make it possible or at least make it easier to accomplish what you want. With time you will want to use more or less specialized tools for your own needs, but that is only a personal thing that will come naturally with time.

Basic list for fly tying equipment:

  • The fly tying wise: You must have a fly tying wise capable of holding small and large hooks and also hold tubes for tube flies. Here you can choose between fly tying wises to hold hooks and then use a special holder for the tubes, or wises that have jaws specialized to hold tubes. Sometimes it is necessary to have specialist tools with the wise as, a parachute holder for tying flies with a parachute hackle.
  • Thread holder: For handling the tying thread. The only necessity is that the tube doesn´t cut off the thread after a short while so have a thread holder with ceramic liner in the tube. I also prefer a thread holder with tension regulation of the thread but it is not a must.
  • Scissors: Sharp and precise. One short scissor for the precise work, with sharp and sometimes curved blades. One longer scissor for the work of cutting hair, feathers, synthetic hairs, etc.
  • Bodkins: Needle-like tool for picking out hackles and other things, also usable for application of paint, etc, on the head of the fly.

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