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High Water Conditions

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This is a brainstorming article about what considerations you need to approach during high water conditions. Factors like where the fish usually lies, the color and temperature of the water, and risks with fishing in these conditions. In short how to tackle these questions in the best manner. High Water Conditions are likely due to a flood caused by heavy rainfall or by the natural melting of snow in the mountains during springtime. Theoretically, it can also be due to an obstacle in a system of running water, causing the water to build up. As is the case of beaver dams. Most likely is the water temperature in the lower level, as is the case in the spring flood. Not seldom will the increased water levels bring a lot of debris like trees and branches and flush with a lot of soil and earth, that will color the water in various degrees. You have the scale of all dark brown water to light tea-colored and in some rivers, you can see this milky white watercolor due to chalk-rich soil or similar. All in all, this is it becomes much harder for the fish to see the fly and something to consider.

One point to make about this subject. It depends of the river. If the river is shallow in its natural state, it will become much faster with a high water condition. A deep river will get even deeper and slower.

Where the fish lies: Consider it is harder to wade, and big risk involved. Luckily the fish usually lies close to land in these conditions.

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